Trailers Made in the USA

Semi Trailers Made in the USA

Welcome to Alpha HD Trailers, where quality and craftsmanship meet the American spirit. We are an American-owned company that manufactures top-of-the-line open deck semi-trailers.

From sourcing the finest raw materials from trusted American suppliers to employing skilled engineers and craftsmen in the heart of the Midwest (Oelwein, Iowa), we ensure that every step of our manufacturing process upholds our uncompromising standards. Our manufacturing facility, located in the heartland of America, combines innovation and expertise to create trailers that excel in performance, durability, and overall quality.

We prioritize quality and reliability, subjecting each trailer to rigorous testing and inspection to meet the highest safety and performance standards that our truckers demand. Our commitment to quality extends to our dedication to supporting local communities and investing in the future of American manufacturing.

When you choose Alpha HD, you not only invest in a superior trailer, but you also support American craftsmanship and ingenuity. Experience the difference of our trusted trailers and join a growing network of satisfied customers who rely on us for their hauling needs.

Choose Alpha HD for  excellence in open deck semi-trailer manufacturing.


801 2nd Ave SE
Oelwein, IA 50662
(319) 283-6611